Our Lady's Light Opera Motherwell "A Christmas Carol the Musical"
OKLAHOMA! (2009)
CAST: Aunt Eller: Marie Maxwell Curly: Norman Bradford Laurey: Fiona Laird-Walker Dream Laurey: Catherine Paterson Ike Skidmore: John Kelly Will Parker: Craig Murdoch Jud Fry: John McKenzie Ado Annie Carnes: Laura Wright Ali Hakim: Peter Nevans Gertie Cummins: Denice Reynolds Andrew Carnes: Peter Kelly Slim: Christopher Morris Cord Elam: Laurie Thompson Chorus of Farmers and Cowmen: John J Boyle, Martin Carr, Christopher Costello, John Fleming, Richard Hughes, Jim Keenan, Raymond Lunny, Desmond McCarthy, John Pearson, Edward Pearson Jnr, Edward Pearson Snr. Wives, Daughters, Girlfriends and hangers- on: Yvonne Burns, Maria Casey, Shona Donnelly, Kirsty Findlay, Geraldine Fleming, Fiona Heggie, Lori McElroy, Phil McKenzie, Elizabeth McMahon, Anne McMenemy, Barbara Morris, Margaret Morrison, Letitia Reilly, Violet Thompson, Julie Thomson, Lynsey Walker, Linzi Wylie The Dancers: Gillian Bryson, Susan Hackshaw, Catherine Paterson, Denice Reynolds, Julie Spence The Children: Aimee Coutts, Duncan Heggie, Euan Heggie, Eilidh McGilvray, Jed McGilvray, Lisa O’Hanlon
9 - 14 November, 2009 Motherwell Theatre The show featured a couple of reprises, Marie Maxwell playing Aunt Eller and John McKenzie awesome as Jud. Norman Bradford made his debut with the Society as Curley and there was an excellent crowd of kids. Paula McGilvray’s choreography added delightful and (where required) rumbustious touches, while Tom Gemmell’s dramatic skills enhanced the story-telling, drawing out the full sense of the plot. Thanks to Paula’s dance - and Tom’s tutoring of the fighting sequence - we managed a frenetic “Farmer and the Cowman” that set off a cracking second act, miraculously without injury to the cast. The minimalist set suited the production well, enabling super- quick transitions and a fast- moving experience for both cast and audience. All-in-all, a most satisfying production that the audience took to their hearts.
The Surrey with the Fringe on the Top Yee Hah! Dancers high kicks Altogether - "Aaaah!" In full flow - do-ze-do And the floor creaks and the wind blows . . . who cain't say no! Jud's not long for the world Hoodblinked! It's a outrage I went to Kansas City on a Friday Off to the honeymoon!
PRODUCER Thomas Gemmell
Asst. MD Rebecca Keay
Producer Choreographer Musical Director Asst, Musical Director DRESS REHEARSAL PICTURES BY BOBBY GRANT
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