Our Lady's Light Opera Motherwell "A Christmas Carol the Musical"
Could you help us in these ways? A. PROGRAMME ADVERTISEMENTS: The A4 programme (170gsm gloss, full colour) has only one advert per page. Full colour adverts can be created to your requirements at no cost, or can be accepted in digital form, to our specification. A copy of our last programme is available on request. * Back cover of programme (A4 full-page) : £260 * Inside full-page (A4 full page) : £240 * Adverts at Bottom of inside pages are 196mm wide x 59mm high and occupy the bottom 210 x 65mm of space. The background around adverts is colour-keyed to suit. If this layout is unsuitable for your advert, we may be able to accommodate one of different shape but similar area. Please discuss. Several are available (CENTRE PAGES TAKEN) : £90 . * Sponsorship of front cover - details to be negotiated (one available) : £100 Sponsorship of page - single line of type along top of page, set in 15mm strip : £35 B. OTHER SPONSORSHIPS: Of: Programme printing, Orchestra, Lighting, Scenery, Stage Crew, Members of Production Team, an evening's performance or anything else you can think of, to be negotiated up to actual cost (i.e. we don't expect sponsors to bear the entire cost of what they are sponsoring! If you suggest a figure, we're bound to be able to come up with something for you to sponsor!) VISIBILITY: All sponsors (up to date of going to press) will be acknowledged in the programme - and we can insert a small copy of your logo, if you would like this. If interested in advertising or sponsorship, contact Laurie Thompson, Business Manager. Tel: 01698 422565 Email: lauriethompson3@btinternet.com.
* = entitled to two complimentary seats for night of choice, subject to availability, free programme and hospitality.
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