Our Lady's Light Opera Motherwell "A Christmas Carol the Musical"
Musical Director: David Fisher Asst. MD: Gerard McCrorie Choreographer: Joanne Rooney CAST Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Jonathan Procter Benny Southstreet: George Reddington Rusty Charlie: Edward Pearson Jnr. Sarah Brown: Louise Campbell Arvide Abernethy: Edward Pearson Snr. Harry the Horse: Laurie Thompson Lieutenant Brannigan: John J Boyle Nathan Detroit: Mark McLean Angie the Ox: Peter Kelly Miss Adelaide: Marie-Jo McCrossan Sky Masterton: John McKenzie Joey Biltmore: (voice of) Jonathan Procter Master of Ceremonies: Scott Thompson Mimi: Joanne McLean Calvin: Chris Morris General Cartwright: Marie Maxwell Big Jule: Dan Hughes Waiter: John Fleming Hot Box Girls: Susan Fraser, Geraldine Fleming, Angela Lavery, Carol Lee, Joanne McLean, Barbara Morris, Violet Thompson, Yvonne Whyte Dancers: Joanne McLean, Catherine Paterson, Sheelagh Scott, Carol Smith, Gael Smith, Julie Thomson Save-a-Soul Mission Band: Matthew McCrossan, Ann McDermott, Moira McIntyre Other Runyonland Characters: Moira Bradley, Shona Donnelly, Christine Kelly, Louise Kelly, Susan Law, Phil McKenzie, Rona Maxwell, Margaret Morrison, Anne Skelly, Eileen Spence, Martha Wright, Elaine Young, Jim Keenan, Jim Keeney, John Kelly, Raymond Lunny, Sandy McKenzie,Tommy Maley, Jim Maxwell, George Muslek, John Pearson
Motherwell Theatre, 12-17 November 2001 - A crowd-pleasing production of a show you can revisit as often as you like and still find it fresh and entertaining. Much, of course, depends on the performers and their interpretation of the parts, but mostly it has to do with the style of production. - Peter Macfarlane has become renowned for the freshness of his approach to all shows he directs and for his tailoring of productions to the talents available. This show maintained this reputation, with many audience members declaring this show to be our "best yet". That they have been saying this for the past few shows pays tribute to the work of the production team and of the casts who have submitted themselves to hard rehearsal schedules. - The production showcased the talents of a strong line-up of principals, with newcomer Louise Campbell as Sarah, John McKenzie as Sky, the superb pairing of Mark McLean and Marie-Jo McCrossan as Nathan Detroit and Adelaide, and an almost cartoon-like Jonathan Procter as Nicely-Nicely. - Support was provided by George Reddington (Benny), Eddie Pearson (Arvide), JJ Boyle (Brannigan), Marie Maxwell (The General), Eddie Pearson Jnr (Rusty), Laurie Thompson (Horse), Dan Hughes (Big Jule) and Joanne McLean (Mimi). - Eddie Snr's rendition of "More I Cannot Wish You" even brought tears (literally) to the cheeks of Sarah! But then, there were so many memorable moments, it would take a whole website to list them. - Some minor adjustments allowed greater involvement of the chorus than is customary and the imaginative use of lighting created mood and atmosphere, while also allowing for the accommodation of a large cast on the Motherwell Theatre stage. Producer: Peter Macfarlane
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